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“The only way to better a business is by bettering the individual. I assist people in seeing how they can be better.”
Russ Cherry – Founder of Dream Big Consulting
The catalogue of services offered by Russ at Dream Big is uniquely molded to each client's specific goals, guaranteeing unbeatable results.
Keynote & Motivational Speaker
Using his extraordinary life experiences as both anchor and springboard, Russ Cherry reminds people what it feels like to be great.

By blending business and personal anecdotes and mixing hard-line facts with emotional currents, he gives people:
  • Cause to pause
  • Reason to reflect
  • Motivation to move forward
Skills Training & Team Development
Russ also shows clients how to erase negative habits and re-engage their workforce. He'll demonstrate how to resolve the vicious authority versus power rivalry once and for all. He can put you on the path to:
  • Analyze current procedures
  • Identify destructive behavior
  • Outline an aggressive action plan
  • Attain an astonishing transformation
  • Sustain measurable growth
Russ takes a holistic approach to help you create a healthy company portfolio. Using of-the-minute business trends as benchmarks, Russ Cherry acts like a corporate climate psychologist. You know the business solutions, he knows the people solutions.

He'll guide you to the steps that will:
  • engage others
  • enlist aid
  • energize operations

Leadership Training
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